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EN1171 DIN3352 F4 Resilient Gate Valve


The DIN3352 Ductile Iron Resilient Seat Gate Valve simpledesign makes it one of the most common WaterWorks Valves in use. It can be applied to both liquid and gasservices, although it is mostly used in liquid services. The Soft Seated Gate Valve was designed primarily foron-off service, where the ResilientSeated Sluice Valve is operated infrequently. It is not recommendedto partly open the valve for adjustment of flow rate or emergent pressurerelief blow-off. RSF’s resilient seated gate valve is widely used in theindustry of potable water, sewage, and sea water.


BasicDesign: BS5163, DIN3352, EN1171, AS 2638.2, GOST, AWWA C509, AWWA C515

Face toFace: BS5163, DIN3202 F4 F5, ISO5752, ANSI B16.1

Flange Ends:EN1092-2, AS4087, GOST

PressureTest: EN12266-1 Rating A

Design Feature:

OS& Y Rising Stem or Non-Rising Stem

DoubleFlange Ends, or Socket Ends for PVC pipe


ResilientGate Provide Good Sealing Performance

FBECoating (Fusion Bond Epoxy) Min. 300micron Thickness

StrongDuctile Iron Valve Body and Bonnet

LowOperating Torque

Size Range: DN50to DN1200 or 2” to 60"

Pressure Rating: PN6(0.6Mpa), PN10 (1Mpa), PN16 (1.6Mpa), Class 125


Body:Ductile Iron GGG50, GGG40, EN GJS 500-7

Stem:SS416, SS304, SS316, SS431

Boltand Nut: 13Cr, SS304 (A2-70), SS316 (A4-70)



Handwheel,Key Cap, Bevel Gear, Spur Gear, Electric Actuator


Bypass,Size: DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150

WRASApproved Resicoat R4 Coating



AUMA,ROTORK IP67 IP68 Actuator