DN350~DN1200 BS5163 metal seat Gate valve, BNR project, New Zealand 2016

2018-11-16 14:15

We had never been requested to provide spectrum material tester for ductile iron valve before this project. Finally our factory invests in a new spectrum tester to show our attitude of cooperation even we still hadn't received official order. During production, the end user send metal expert to witness our casting pouring, refer the 2nd picture. Normally casting pouring is done in night because the price for electricity in night is cheaper, but we finally arrange casting pouring in day considering his visting schedule is very tighten. Other key point is after customer received our valves, they hired a professional third party company to do RT test on valve body, please refer the last picture below, the testing result is good. Obviously it's a very challenging project, finally we made it, it is a successful and win-win project.

RSF VALVE BS5163 metal to metal seat gate valve.pngRSF VALVE- DN1200 BS5163 GATE VALVE.jpg