Telematic Inspection

It's difficult to arrange inspection traveling because of COVID-19. RSF team organize telematic inspection by TEAMS and ...

API 602 forged valves to South America

More than 5,000 pcs API 602 forged gate valve, globe valve, swing check valves, and piston check valves ready to deliver...

740℃ High Temperature Service Gate Valve

RSF VALVE successfully deliver 740℃ High Temperature Service Gate Valves (for high temperature air after oven)

100mm shaft extension floating ball valve and trunnion mounted ball valves

With our staff's effort, total 596pcs floating and trunnion mounted ball valves get ready for shipment before 2020 Chine...

Forged steel ball valve components deliver to Europe

The forged steel ball valve components, which includes closure, body, support plate, trunnion, shaft, and gland have bee...

DN1200 PN16 Double Eccentric Double Flange Butterfly Valve

Total 9pcs DN1200 double eccentric double flange butterfly valves, and U-type butterfly valves have been tested well and...

4 xDN2200 Rubber Lining Butterfly Valves, Pump Station,Malaysia-Singapore 2016

4pcs DN2200 PN16 rubber lining double flange central line butterfly valves for the Pump Station for

API6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve for GRTG GAS - Algeria

API6D trunnion mounted ball valves for GRTG GAS - Algeria from 2014~2017

24"-150lb API600 gate valves delivered successfully for CRCC in 2018

30pcs 24"-150lb API600 gate valves which body WCB, trim 5#, gear operated, are sucessfuly delivered

DN350~DN1200 BS5163 metal seat Gate valve, BNR project, New Zealand 2016

DN350~DN1200 BS5163 metal seat Gate valve, NBR project, New Zealand 2016

DN1000 PN16 Resilient Seat Gate Valves for Saudi Arabia Water Transmission Pipe

The project order which including 11pcs DN1000 resilient gate valves sucessfully past